ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar Biography

Chanda Kochhar is next big name in the banking sector who has become a role model of every woman in the world. She has earned an esteemed position in a fastest and talented manner. The ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar biography explores the struggle behind her success. She has been a brilliant student, an obedient worker and quick decision maker. Chanda Kochhar believes that to take any important decision, introspection is a must and learning from the past mistakes makes you strong enough to tackle any complexity in a structured way. Chanda Kochhar has dreamt to become IAS and after completing her graduation she decided to pursue higher education in management studies. Chanda Kochhar became first female Chief Executive Officer of ICICI bank in May 2009, when bank was going through trauma. She took her foot forward and set out meetings to know the consumer expectations throughout the country. The CEO of ICICI Bank Before Chanda Kochhar was K.V Kamath, who took charge in 1996 for a journey of five years.

ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar Wiki

Chanda Kochhar is strong headed woman. She has contributed her as much of the time as the job demanded. Under her leadership ICICI bank has achieved a name in retail sector and now ICICI bank is the second largest bank of private sector in the country. The ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar profile unveils the journey of a banker starting from joining as a management trainee, later on becoming the General Manager, then Deputy General Manager, and Managing Director, Finally the chief executive officer of ICICI bank in 2009 for the term of five years.

Chanda Kochhar realized the fact that in order to serve more, one must lay stress on needs of the common man, say a customer making transaction throughout the world in every three minutes so how much trucks will be required to transfer the amount in a safe manner. Chanda Kochhar wiki explains her journey on professional front; she has created powerful impression of her wisdom and swiftness towards organisational growth.

Chanda Kochhar Salary, Net Worth

Chanda Kochhar started a forum for consumer complaints to re- think upon her decision. The ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar email id has helped many employees to deal with day to day queries in a robust way. Chanda Kochhar in her career span of 25 years with ICICI bank has gone so far with many responsibilities and dynamic enthusiast to grow her organisation, currently there are 36000 employees with 33% of women.

The ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar salary is 5.12 Crore approx. She is one of the highest paid bankers in India. She strongly believes a good opportunity comes from merits; ICICI Bank CEO salary is as huge as her devotion and sense of responsibility towards the bank. Chanda Kochhar, ICICI Bank CEO news explores that she has received Global Leadership award for her contributions to the India-US commercial relationship.

Chanda Kochhar Family Background

Chanda Kochhar’s father was principal of Jaipur Institute of Technology and her mother is a home maker. Her father died when she was thirteen and mother decided to stay near her home town in Mumbai. Chanda Kochhar studied hard and observed the corporate world with close contiguity. Chanda Kochhar is married to Deepak Kochhar her batch mate at MBA College and has two children son and daughter.

Chanda Kochhar daughter name is Aarti, who is an engineering graduate and married to Aditya Kaji whereas Chanda’s son is Arjun who is passionate about sports. Chanda Kochhar family background shows that she was very much encouraged by his father to pursue higher studies and perform well.

Chanda Kochhar Age, Personal Details

Chanda Kochhar age is just the number; she is 51 years of age. The ICICI Bank CEO name is known for her major contributions in various parts of bank. She is an absolute multi-talented. The ICICI Bank CEO wiki reveals her major contributions globally and embarks the ICICI bank to such a level, which could not have been possible in her absence. She is among the world’s 10 most powerful Business Women in the world who all have made history in the corporate world.

Chanda Kochhar’s golden words are to listen to everyone and absorb everybody’s thoughts and take appropriate action. She also makes sure her employees do understand well. Chanda Kochhar height is approx. 5 feet and 4 inches. The photographs are the truth behind the story of a struggling man and woman. Chanda Kochhar photos displayed her hardworking and dutiful eyes that has experienced and acted towards the economical factor of the bank. Chanda Kochhar date of birth is November 17, 1961.

Chanda Kochhar Personal Life

Chanda Kochhar personal life has woven up down to her responsibilities and in her spare hours she likes to spend time with husband and children. Chanda Kochhar first job was of management trainee at ICICI bank. The biography of Chanda Kochhar concedes the truth behind her success; she is very strong headed woman who manages the financial as well as retail sector. She is ranked 92 by Forbes magazine.

Chanda Kochhar’s message to all women in the world is to build up self-confidence and believe in yourself that boosts your conscience. Chanda Kochhar children are very bold and corporative. Beside very busy schedule of Chanda Kochhar, she takes out time for her children and loving husband. Chanda Kochhar husband is being sensitive and supportive towards his wife and never let her down, always encouraged her to establish and explore new horizons for her.

Chanda Kochhar and Shikha Sharma

Chanda Kochhar is CEO of ICICI bank; her name is counted among the successful woman of the world. Another such modest person is Shikha Sharma, CEO of Axis Bank, India. Both Chanda Kochhar and Shikha Sharma are role models for the youth of the country to explore more opportunities and start with a robust certainties and little conservative with equity structure to deal with death oriented structures. Shikha Sharma has is second highest earning remuneration after Chanda Kochhar. Chanda Kochhar father name is Mr. Roopchand Advani, a renowned principal of engineering college in Jaipur.

Chanda Kochhar and Deepak Kochhar Love Story

Chanda Kochhar dating history unfolds her moments of love. After successful Chanda Kochhar love affair, she tied knot with Deepak Kochhar who was Chanda Kochhar boyfriend. Chanda Kochhar and Deepak Kochhar love story is the story of two soul mates that found their love amidst of studies. Chanda Kochhar husband Deepak Kochhar is known for his entrepreneurship in the wind and energy department.

Chanda Kochhar Love Life is being sweet and consistent. Her husband always stood by her in all circumstances. Chanda Kochhar love life went out to be smooth as the couple seems to be generous and happy. Chanda Kochhar marriage has brought the two souls together living happily with the two independent children. Chanda Kochhar wedding pics are very mesmerizing and are captured with lots of laugh and a beautiful smile of Kochhar.

Chanda Kochhar Marriage, Husband

Chanda Kochhar husband name is not as much famous as Chanda Kochhar, but without him Chanda couldn’t step out and work for an organisation. Chanda Kochhar husband images have rarely made appearances in newspaper or magazines. Chanda Kochhar husband wiki, has encouraged many entrepreneurs to work in structured way and follow the rules of true Entrepreneurship. Chanda Kochhar husband profession is self-dependent and enthusiastic person who has always motivated his children to learn as much as you can and gain more.

Chanda Kochhar daughter name is Aarti which means a devotional song being offered as a prayer in front of god’s idol. Chanda Kochhar daughter wedding is all set in December 2014 with another business woman’s son Aditya Kaji, who works in Reliance. Chanda Kochhar Daughter Pics shows her face resemblance to her mother. Chanda Kochhar son Name is Arjun, who has keen interests in sports.

Chanda Kochhar Speech, Success Journey

Chanda Kochhar, MD of ICICI Bank has planned to open 700+ new branches across world. Chanda Kochhar is very ambitious person with the strength of decision making capability. As she has handled many functioning bodies of ICICI Bank, Chanda Kochhar annual compensation is the highest among all CEO of other banks. Chanda Kochhar Speech with a vision in mind to achieve more and act to the needs of common man has made her successful throughout the journey of her career.

Chanda Kochhar ICICI Bank office address can be is not known to many, but can found on famous search engines. Chanda Kochhar net worth is the highest among all other employees in the ICICI bank. The successful Business Tycoon Chanda Kochhar biodata has set examples to many women who dreams big and have confidence that builds a road map to a fantastic journey ahead. The ICICI Bank Managing Director Chanda Kochhar personal details, includes her education, her family background, her marriage and children.

Chanda Kochhar Personal Life

Chanda Kochhar Education was completed in Mumbai. She has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and post-graduation in management along with Cost Accountancy. Chanda Kochhar and her family have sacrificed lot of time with not being with each other. She is very devoted mother, wife and a daughter. In the past few years no one could predict is Chanda Kochhar married? Chanda Kochhar Contact Details are available on ICICI official site.

Chanda Kochhar speech in Gujrat was successful; she was invited as a guest of honor and gave speech on changing picture of Gujrat in the presence of Mr. Modi. Chanda Kochhar interview after becoming the chief executive officer of ICICI Bank has brought her into lime light and much known to the people. Chanda Kochhar quotes the society that people in today’s scenario are becoming more open minded specially girls who come out and take stand for themselves not only to earn money but to earn reputation as well.

Chanda Kochhar Success Story

Chanda Kochhar in 1984 joined as management trainee at Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India limited (ICICI). Later on she handled various sections of the bank such as E-Commerce Group, Textile, Infrastructure Group of Industry, and appointed as General Manager and then Chief Financial Officer and in 2009 appointed as Chief Executive officer.

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